Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions About Awning Maintenance

As local awning experts, let Atlas Awning Maintenance Company walk you through the cleaning process, why it’s important to treat your awnings on a regular basis, and what to steer clear from when you’re making a maintenance decision.

  • Why Should I have my awnings professionally cleaned? Cleaning your awning with our process is much more cost effective than replacing an awning completely. You’ll need to “recover” your awning eventually; however, we can extend that date for years in most cases. Bird droppings, grime, and fungus can make your awning an eye sore for your business. Additionally, pollutants and sun damage will age it prematurely.


  • Why should I hire Atlas Awning Maintenance Company to do the job? Treating industrial fabrics is our only service. We have products and equipment specifically suited for your particular material, whether it’s commercial or residential fabric. Our technicians are trained extensively for this type of work.


  • Can I just pressure wash the awnings? Awnings are not meant to be cleaned with a pressure washer. It is likely the awning will be damaged, if not destroyed, by the excessive force of the water. Most awning fabrics have less than 300 pounds of hydrostatic pressure capability, and pressure washers have over 1000 PSI. Using a pressure washer to clean awnings typically drives the dirt into the fabric or causes leaks and most notably, they leave marks in the fabric called scoring, which is usually permanent. Limit the pressure washing to driveways and decks.
Avoid damage to your awnings and skip the power washer.

Avoid damage to your awnings and skip the power washer.



Pressure-washed awning examples.

Pressure-washed awning examples.


  • Is there a particular time of year that awnings should be cleaned? We clean awnings year round, weather permitting.


  • How long should awnings last before a replacement is needed? While all awnings have a life span, it is difficult to judge how long it will last. Southern sun exposure, western sun exposure, or high-trafficked areas may limit an awning’s life to 5 to 7 years. In a more favorable environment, you may get ten years or more out of each awning. Treating and sealing your awning early in the beginning will help tremendously in this regard.


  • How often should I service my awning? Awnings should be cleaned and maintained annually at the least. We recommend that retail establishments and restaurants should clean their awnings twice a year. The protective sealant we use is effective for a whole year, but needs to be reapplied annually.


  • Does Atlas Awning Maintenance Company re-stitch awnings? We do not. We can recommend a fabricator in your area who may be able to help.


  • Is Atlas Awning Maintenance Company Insured? Yes. We carry General Liability and Workers Compensation.


  • How can I receive an estimate from Atlas Awning Maintenance Company? Easy! Fill out the quick form to the right, call 704-365-3500, or email us at